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Review: Callex Ointment

May 27, 2015

Callex was created to fill an unmet need in footcare – a truly effective product that both exfoliates and hydrates the foot. Being free of harsh acids and alcohol, Callex is gentle on the skin, yet effective in softening and exfoliating the flaking or crusted buildup on heels, toes and soles. This is because the two enzymes in Callex are uniquely matched to tackle just the dry, flaking skin on the skin’s surface. The enzymes act as “sentinels” to prevent further dryness. Within a few weeks, feet are supple, smooth and years younger-looking. Thereafter, Callex continues to maintain, soft, smooth feet with regular, light applications. As the brand’s TV commercials proclaim, “No more scrubbing, no more scraping!” Callex is also very popular with athletes who experience more foot problems than most.

Review: Callex Ointment

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Life with a Southern Girl

Are you a flip flop lover like me? I live in Alabama and would be lost without my flip flops. I however never like for my feet to look rough if I wear them. I recently discovered Callex Ointment and was very anxious to try it. I have tried so many foot creams in the past and while some have helped most have not.

I have been using this product when I remember to for about a week. I have noticed a huge improvement in my feet. This ointment really is amazing!!  I like to apply it at night before I head to bed. A little definitely goes a long way with this ointment. Make sure you put some socks on after you apply. You will wake up to nice, soft feet!!

Check out my before and after:

Before image of rough feet


After image of rough feet



Can you tell a difference? I know I can and I LOVE this product. It has helped my poor dry, cracked feet so much!!

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